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Kristiaan Van Ingelgem (°1944) won the prize Lemmens-Tinel in 1969 at the Lemmens institute, (today: LUCA School of Arts, Lemmens campus). In 1972, he obtained his soloist degree in Maastricht with organ teacher Kamiel D’Hooghe. In 2004, he obtained the official degree of carilloneur at the carillon school in Mechelen with Jef Denyn.

Organist, carilloneur and teacher

Van Ingelgem is Aalst’s official carilloneur since 1999, which he already was between 1972 and 1977. He became a skilled carilloneur at the carillon school of Mechelen, where he taught practical harmony between 1969 and 1974. He taught this course in the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp as well, along with an improvisation course for organ and piano. Since 1972, Van Ingelgem is the official organist of Aalst’s Saint Martin church. In this city, as well as in Etterbeek, he taught organ at the local music school and the high school of arts in Brussels.


In terms of compositions, Van Ingelgem is considered a distinguished composer of organ, choir and carillon pieces. Moreover, Van Ingelgem has composed some symphonic pieces as well, such as Te Deum, Mijn Kapellekensbaan and Psalm 150. With his daughter Tineke, a well-known opera singer, he recorded many cd’s. Kristiaan Van Ingelgem is Maarten Van Ingelgem's father. 

Works for choir (selection) 

  • Die winter is vergangen, SATB, from ‘De Monte Koorreeks 1968’ reissued in 2011 by Koor&Stem.
  • Te Deum Laudamus, SATB, for Cantate Domino 30 jaar in 1989.
  • Ave Maria, by Van Ingelgem/Arcadelt, SATB-SATB, in De Monte Koorreeks 72
  • Vita dulcis, SSAA, published by Euprint, 2005
  • Missa nubentium, SATB, 2006, published by Euprint, 2020. The ‘Gloria’ part of this mass is to be found through this link.
  • Er viel ’n keer een bladje, SSA, with words by Guido Gezelle, piano/organ, 2007, released in 2021 by Euprint.
  • Het liedje van de liereman, SABar, in Mi lanct na di, published by Koor&Stem, 2011.
  • Cirkelzang, 3 soli, SSSA, harp, words by Annie Van Keymeulen, published by Euprint, 2014.
  • Hodie Christus natus est, 2 soli, SSA, harp, printed by Euprint, 2014.
  • La Najtingalo, SSA, 2015, published by Euprint, 2016. For EMJ/Neerpelt.
Villanella Jeugdkoor zingt La Najtingalo
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