Which copyright is applicable?

All scores in Koorklank are protected by statutory copyright law.
After registration, the digital version may be downloaded, and then used and shared for non-commercial purposes. The name of the lyricist and the composer must always be stated. See Terms of Use.

What about arrangements, translations, recordings, and performances?

Permission must always be requested from the lyricist, the composer, and/or the copyright management company for arrangements, translations, recordings, and performances (concerts). You can contact the composers via their composers sheet.

How is this catalogue composed?

The scores initially included in the catalogue were previously published by Koor&Stem as ‘Koorpagina’ and distributed together with Stemband magazine, the Koor&Stem magazine. The Koorklank catalogue grows monthly, either with new compositions or with existing Choral pages. When registering, tick that you wish to receive the Koorklank/Koor&Stem newsletter. Then you’ll stay informed.

Why do some scores have multiple downloads available, but others don’t?

This is what the composers have decided to do. The composers decide, this website only facilitates.

I’m a composer and I want to make a composition available. Is it possible?

It is not possible to add scores as a user of this site. Koor&Stem vzw determines the composition and manages the catalogue. Contact us for more information.