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Jacques Nicolas Lemmens

Simple two-part piece with organ that can be performed solo or with a choir.

SA with organ
Michael Vancraeynest

Michaël Vancraeynest (°1976) wrote Tell the Lord how thankful you are for the colloquium for liturgical music that took place in Vaalbeek in August 2016. Vancraeynest's work is a setting of Psalm 118 for two equal voices and piano. The psalm opens in unison with a cheerful melody, which is then repeated with the addition of a counter voice. The middle section changes in text and key. Smooth composition for equal voices choirs who are looking for liturgical repertoire.

SA with piano
Video or audio
Maarten Van Ingelgem

Maarten Van Ingelgem (°1976) took his inspiration from the African Lamtietie Damtietie. The author of the text, Cornelis Jacob Langenhoven (1873-1932), is regarded as one of Africa’s best-known writers and, as a member of parliament, campaigned tirelessly for Afrikaans to be an official language in South Africa. The poetic text was expressed in an evocative contemporary lullaby for a children's, youth or women's choir that is not intimidated by chants and whistles. Dedicated to Ida & Ellis, daughters of Van Ingelgem.

SA a capella
Vic Nees

Repleatur os meum is a fresh choral work on psalm texts for two equal voices. It was written in 1969 and used in 1970 for the European Music Festival for Young People in Pelt (EMJ) in the Wimpel series. Repleatur os meum is a choir song that can be enjoyed by both the choir and the public.

children's choir, SA a capella