Norbert Rosseau wrote six masses: Missa fidelis pastor for 2 voices and organ (1948), Missa solemnis for 8 voices and double basses (1953), Missa Teria for 1 voice and organ, La messe des morts à Is, for four-part mixed choir on text by George-Day (1959), the Electronic mass, stereo tape recording (1967) and also this Missa in honorem spiritus sancti for four-part choir a cappella from 1962. The work is dedicated to Noel Van Wambeke and Pros Goethals, the conductors of the cathedral choir in Ghent. This work is in Latin. Later, Rosseau would also write church music in Dutch for them.

Here you discover the creed. The complete work has been published by De Notenboom and is available through Koor&Stem.

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