Seasonal Snapshots: Spring


Spring is a part of Seasonal Snapshots: Japanese Haiku Cycle for mixed choir SAATBB on English translations of haikus by Japanese poets throughout history: Matsuo Basho (1644-1694), Masaoka Shiki (1864 – 1902, poet of Spring) and O no Yasumaro (c. 711).

The complete cycle consists of 5 parts; in addition to the seasons, the night is also sung about. The idea for this cycle arose after a slam poetry evening at which a colleague performed her own slam poetry while guiding herself on the cajon and describing the places she had visited during travels. Those sketches of environments, people and atmospheres inspired Thys for these musical snapshots.

Seasonal Snapshots sung by Kalliope conducted Sabine Haenebalcke. From 4'22" : Spring.

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