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Information on the website

The information that Koor&Stem vzw places on the website itself has been compiled with care; nevertheless, we cannot make any guarantees. Koor&Stem vzw wants the Koorklank website to promote works by Flemish composers (‘scores’ and ‘composers’); spread inspiring news and information (‘news’ ); bring together conductors, singers, and choir lovers (comment function throughout the site); and provide educational content and didactic tips (‘getting started’).
Koorklank uses and depends on various external services such as, among others, www.youtube.com (videos), www.vimeo.com (videos), www.soundcloud.com (audio), www.musescore.com (score player). 
Koor&Stem vzw is not responsible for any technical defects.

Legal framework for scores 

The choral scores published on Koorklank are distributed with the permission of the lyricist and composer as part of the operations of the Koor&Stem vzw organisation for the promotion of Flemish choral music. The digital version thereof may be downloaded and shared for non-commercial purposes without written permission from the Koor&Stem vzw organisation, the lyricist, or the composer. The name of the lyricist and of the composer is always stated. Permission must always be requested from the lyricist, the composer, and/or the copyright management company of your country for arrangements, translations, recordings, and performances (concerts). The lyricist and composer guarantee that they are not affiliated with SEMU cvba as music publishers and that this composition is not covered by the SEMU cvba remuneration scheme. They confirm that this composition is not published by a music publisher affiliated with SEMU cvba or that they have obtained the express permission from the publisher affiliated with SEMU cvba to publish this composition on the Koorklank website. However, they will inform Koor&Stem vzw if they decide to join SEMU cvba and if SEMU cvba should then be entitled to manage the rights to this composition.

User accounts and own contributions

You must create an account if you want to post a contribution (questions, answers, reactions) on Koorklank. Non-registered users may read the website, but may not and cannot post contributions on it.
You may only use Koorklank for non-commercial purposes. 
If you post information (questions, answers, reactions) on the website yourself, you are responsible for the content thereof. Koor&Stem has the right to remove all contributions. Koor&Stem vzw has the right to block user accounts, remove them permanently, and forbid users further access to the platform without prior notice.
Registering under the name of ‘an organisation’ is not permitted. Registration is done in a personal capacity. The use of a ‘false’ identity is not permitted. If you wish to delete your user account, you can do so by simple request to info@koorklank.be. Users are not permitted to be active under two accounts.

Code of Conduct

You must respect our code of conduct. Koor&Stem vzw has the right to remove any text or comments that are profane, degrading, hateful, threatening, or obscene; that abuse or encourage illegal activity by another person’s copyright or intellectual property; that are sexist or clearly offensive in nature; that contain spam or are intended to cause technical malfunctions in the page; that are not related to the subject matter; that violate local, federal, or international laws and/or regulations.

Privacy policy

The protection of personal data and respect for your privacy is of paramount importance to us. In this privacy policy, we want to provide clear and transparent information about what data we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it.

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