Maxime Godfrind




Maxime Godfrind (Brussels, °1990) is in his first Bachelor composition with Kurt Bikkembergs at LUCA School of Arts, Campus Lemmens Leuven. He received a musical education at the music academies of Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe and Sint-Pieters-Woluwe, where he also played as a guitarist in various ensembles. He took his first steps in composing for choir with teachers Jeroen D'hoe and Kurt Bikkembergs.

Self-taught composer

Maxime mainly learned to compose himself by empirically exploring processes and techniques. As a child he grew up in an environment of music lovers for whom Stravinsky, Fitzgerald, Yorke, Zappa, Ferré or Evora were all equally called masters. His 12-month stay in South America and his experience as a university assistant in linguistics broadened his taste and sharpened his understanding of musical language.


As a composer, Maxime wrote soundtracks for theater and dance performances. He is also active as a singer-songwriter. In his eyes, music protects against the excesses of utilitarianism and reminds us of the possibilities of self-determination and resilience.

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