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Carl Van Eyndhoven

On the occasion of the Week of Belgian Music, Carl Van Eyndhoven wrote an arrangement of Marina by Rocco Granata. Choirs and sympathizers chose this song from a series of 12 golden hits.

SSA with piano
Lodewijk De Vocht

The fourteen Cantica (= Hymns) for three equal voices and organ ad libitum probably originate from about 1912. It is a collection of fresh motets, also suitable for children's voices, that can be sung at various moment during the liturgical year.

SSA with organ
Hans Helsen

With Tegen het zwijgen,Hans Helsen (born 1989) completely contradicts the expression ‘Speech is silver, silence is golden’. The text of Jos Stroobants conveys new truths: ‘Schrijf ...dat kilte ons slechts haalt en ons vermaalt tot niets wanneer we zwijgen.’ (Write ... so that the cold only gets us and grinds us to nothing when we are silent). As such, Helsen gets his female choir to sing almost continuously, with the exception of a few accurately placed resting moments. An evolving recurring motif through the various voices gives structure and credibility to composition and text content. Beautiful and interesting composition for women's choir.

SSA a capella