In the bleak midwinter


Especially for one of Koor&Stem's repertoire days Sebastiaan Van Steenberge wrote a Christmas song that immediately appealed to all participants. A three-part, simple gem on the famous text In the bleak midwinter by Christina Rosetti.

Simply beautiful is the text of the English 19th-century poet and prose writer Christina Rosetti. She was born on December 3, 1830 in London and died there on December 27, 1894. Just like many of her works and poems, this text with a beautifully inspired Christmas message is therefore also religious in nature. In one form or another, 'the renunciation of earthly love' and 'the reference to death' are often contained in her poems, which are always peppered with a melancholy tint and written from her deeply sensitive faith. Together with John Donne and William Blake she is counted among the great mystical English poets. In this composition, composer Sebastiaan Van Steenberge only uses the first, second and fifth stanza to express them brilliantly in music.

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