Lyesse m'a mandé salut


For Philip the Good’s magnificent feasts, such as his swearing in in Mons in 1427 or his marriage to Isabella of Portugal in 1430, Binchois composed works dedicated to courtly love, sung by the poets of his time. The balanced, three-part chansons with instrumental colour create an atmosphere of blissful, almost hypnotic perfection. Lyesse m'a mandé salut is one of these chansons. It is often performed with instruments only.

- from festival guide Laus Polyfoniae 2019 - Maria of Burgundy, programme text at concert Comet Musicke.

Patron de bonté, père de joyeuseté

A couple of epithets Ockeghem used to describe Binchois
Lyesse m'a mandé salut in an instrumental setting

With this score it is difficult to make a perfect transcription. We have attempted to place a version online which is relatively true to the source material and is clearly legible for modern singers.

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