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The music of Lieven Duvosel often remains underexposed. Discover his beautiful Ave Maria here.

SATB with organ
Lodewijk De Vocht

The fourteen Cantica (= Hymns) for three equal voices and organ ad libitum probably originate from about 1912. It is a collection of fresh motets, also suitable for children's voices, that can be sung at various moment during the liturgical year.

SSA with organ
Video or audio
Cypriano De Rore

A simple five-part motet as a vocal thanksgiving.

SATTB a capella
Michael Vancraeynest

Michaël Vancraeynest (°1976) wrote Tell the Lord how thankful you are for the colloquium for liturgical music that took place in Vaalbeek in August 2016. Vancraeynest's work is a setting of Psalm 118 for two equal voices and piano. The psalm opens in unison with a cheerful melody, which is then repeated with the addition of a counter voice. The middle section changes in text and key. Smooth composition for equal voices choirs who are looking for liturgical repertoire.

SA with piano
Kristiaan Van Ingelgem

The Missa Nubentium - in nubes progredientium was written for the wedding of his daughter Tineke: Mass for those who marry, advancing in the clouds.

SATB a capella
Paul Steegmans

Paul Steegmans wrote a simple religious work: Ego sum panis, suitable for liturgy or concert.

SATB a capella