Fruit salad for the choir


Aan de slag

For this composition you need a mixed choir (SATB) and a piano, but also fruit:

  • 1 apple
  • 1 banana
  • some strawberries
  • handful of blueberries
  • cutting board
  • apple drill
  • big kitchen knife
  • small kitchen knife
  • small bowl
  • tablespoon

Originally written for mixed choir, electric bass, vibraphone and fruit (2018).

Performance notes:


· Other fruits can be used if certain prescribed fruits are out of season. E.g. blueberries can be replaced by raisins or anything else you can sprinkle. If replacements are present, the lyrics at rehearsal marks C, D, E and F should be adjusted to the used fruits.


· Starting bar 60, the choir starts eating the fruit salad. The idea is that the choir thins out by more and more people eating. By the last bar, the amount of singers should be audibly reduced, but all choir parts should preferably still be present. Try to thin out the choir more or less evenly across the different parts.

· When you are offered the bowl of fruit, take it and stop singing. Eat a piece of fruit. Offer someone else the bowl. Don’t restart singing afterwards.

· Stop passing the fruit around in bar 83. Whoever has the bowl of fruit, calmly empties their mouth. The piece ends when this person finishes eating.

Fruitsalad for the choir is an arrangement in English of Fruitsla voor het koor (2018). The originale version was written for mixed choir, electric bass, vibraphone and fruit. 

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